13 May 2010

New Blog!

So I have re-branded myself as a photographer and will be moving to a new blog site! It has been wonderful using this blog site to post all my photojournalisim but now I am moving in a different direction. I hope you will follow me at my new blog: {ah-me-la}photography
See you soon!

03 May 2010

Some Old Work From Georgia

I did some work for GIG Taxi company while living in Georgia but hadn't seen the website until now. Check out the gallery of photos!
GIG Taxi

29 January 2010

My Final Photo Story

I had a great time taking photos at the Donut Stop. I'm a little sad that this is my last one, but it has definitely been a fun ride.

25 January 2010

My Best Planet Ever!

I guess when I took this panorama the lighting was at it's best and the ground was really even, cause this is the best miniature planet I have ever done.

More Tiny Planets

From my trip to Signagi. Fairly successful.

More Editing

Photo of Gary from waaaaaay back. I took this when I first came to Georgia.



Boared and Doing Photoshop Tutorials

Instead of spending my time watching videos on a certain online video network, I decided to do something productive today. I'm brushing up on my photoshop skills. Its kinda fun to take old photos and make something new out of them.