13 November 2009

And Now We Are Up To Date!!!

I am happy to say that I am now back on track. These are from this week's news paper.

This is just a little composition I had of interesting photos from Rustaveli.

I was notified about this event two hours before it began, which did not make me a very happy photographer. But I went any ways. I didnt send the photos in until 11:45 last night .. some how they were still able to include it in today's paper.

My first informal attendance at an IWA meeting. I didnt even know that I was going to an IWA meeting until I arrived.

Still More Catching Up

November 6 - 12

I had to photoshop this photograph because I couldnt actually find any cars that were spewing out fumes.

Another street poll!

For this one I used photographs I had taken during my very first visit to the Jvari monastery with Gary and my second visit there with my father when he was visiting.

More Catching Up

October 30- November 5

Once again, the street poll photos are by me.

My photo story including photos taken during my father's visit to Georgia.

My first time photographing any kind of live performance. A very stressful event and actually kinda controversial. After this was publishes, the reporter I worked with got fired. I actually feared that my job was in jeopardy as well. But so far so good!

Catching Up

October 23-29

Photos of the street poll are done by me.

This photo assignment was really great and it is what started my weekly photo stories. That's right, now every week I have a photo story, not just one photo. I am so happy about that, but I am also rather stressed over it. It means I have to have a fresh idea ever single week.

Any way, Gary told me about how some marines were volunteering at this home for disabled young people and how they needed some media coverage. I was more than happy to help out.

Wow I am SOOOO Behind!

I feel a little bad that I havent update in a while, but honestly I have been terribly busy! So rather than rambling on, I will just get right to it!

October 16-22

My street poll and photo from inside the school.

I had to be sneaky about this one because those men did not seem too happy about being photographed.

My photo of the week .. just a simple fountain shot.

More updates to come! I promise!