28 August 2009

Tbilisi at Dusk

My original intentions were to go out and get some night time shots of Tbilisi, but I set out too early so it turned into shots of Tbilisi at dusk. I would have stayed out longer but I was wearing a tank top and not only was this attracting too much attention but it was windy and I was a bit chilly. Never the less, the lighting was beautiful and I still got some nice pictures.

This is a building that I walk by often. I really enjoy how the light hits half of the building and gives it this orange glow.

This is taken from a bridge that I cross often. I started taking pictures from below the bridge, but that is a place frequented by exhibitionists, so I moved to the top. Thats where my tank top gave me troubles and where too many cars honked at me. I did capture a nice reflection though and the moon is also in the shot!

I need some opinions though, would it be too weird if I were to photoshop the moon bigger? Maybe just double in size to make it more noticeable?

25 August 2009

A Miniature Tbilisi

This really made me excited. I was looking at some Algonquin student's blogs when I stumbled upon Jennifer Allison's post on how to make panoramas into miniature planets. I had seen this used before many many years ago, but then could never find it again .. until now! There was a link to a tutorial which led me to make my panorama of Tbilisi into a miniature planet. Honestly, if you have any panoramas you HAVE to try this out. It is really really simple and a lot of fun!

17 August 2009

A Little Bit of Tbilisi

The month of August is a slow month in Tbilisi. Even though I had a photo story published in the news paper a couple weeks ago, there was no work for me last week. I was not very productive with my time. Honestly I sat at home and watched 5 seasons of Friends. Finally on Sunday I got up off my butt and went on a walk with my camera. Today I edited some of the pictures. I haven't use Photoshop a lot since school ended and its pretty sad how much I forgot! Well not that much actually, but some pretty important short cuts. I'll have to look those up when I get a round to it.

One shot I worked on was a little panorama of the city, looking down from Rustavelli Avenue. I only took three shots and didnt use a tripod. All this considered I think it turned out really great.

The next I worked on was this beautifully colored door. The color really jumped out at me when I was walking by so I just had to take a picture. I used Light Room for all the editing on this one. I employed a little technique that gives it an HDR look, with out having to shoot multiple exposures. Other Light Room users: if you like this look, I can give you the "code" on how to do it yourself.

And last, but not least, I finally got a photo of the famous St. George. He sits a-top a giant pillar in the middle of Freedom Square, forever frozen in his dragon slaying position. Its pretty awesome.

So .. since these photos were fairly succesful, I resolve to continue staying off my butt and actually get out of the house and do things. Photography and none photography related!

13 August 2009

My First Big Break

On the 7th of August, 2009 I got my first big photo story in Georgia Today. It covered two pages in the center of the news paper and had had ten of my photographs. I'm incredibly happy to have so much of my work in the paper. It definitely makes the two years of school worth it.