28 August 2009

Tbilisi at Dusk

My original intentions were to go out and get some night time shots of Tbilisi, but I set out too early so it turned into shots of Tbilisi at dusk. I would have stayed out longer but I was wearing a tank top and not only was this attracting too much attention but it was windy and I was a bit chilly. Never the less, the lighting was beautiful and I still got some nice pictures.

This is a building that I walk by often. I really enjoy how the light hits half of the building and gives it this orange glow.

This is taken from a bridge that I cross often. I started taking pictures from below the bridge, but that is a place frequented by exhibitionists, so I moved to the top. Thats where my tank top gave me troubles and where too many cars honked at me. I did capture a nice reflection though and the moon is also in the shot!

I need some opinions though, would it be too weird if I were to photoshop the moon bigger? Maybe just double in size to make it more noticeable?

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Designer Willie said...

Personally, what attracts me to the photo is the cloud and its reflection in the river, so the moon is more of a distraction. You could crop some of the blue sky and moon, and still have a great shot... but great photos, look forward to many more...