17 August 2009

A Little Bit of Tbilisi

The month of August is a slow month in Tbilisi. Even though I had a photo story published in the news paper a couple weeks ago, there was no work for me last week. I was not very productive with my time. Honestly I sat at home and watched 5 seasons of Friends. Finally on Sunday I got up off my butt and went on a walk with my camera. Today I edited some of the pictures. I haven't use Photoshop a lot since school ended and its pretty sad how much I forgot! Well not that much actually, but some pretty important short cuts. I'll have to look those up when I get a round to it.

One shot I worked on was a little panorama of the city, looking down from Rustavelli Avenue. I only took three shots and didnt use a tripod. All this considered I think it turned out really great.

The next I worked on was this beautifully colored door. The color really jumped out at me when I was walking by so I just had to take a picture. I used Light Room for all the editing on this one. I employed a little technique that gives it an HDR look, with out having to shoot multiple exposures. Other Light Room users: if you like this look, I can give you the "code" on how to do it yourself.

And last, but not least, I finally got a photo of the famous St. George. He sits a-top a giant pillar in the middle of Freedom Square, forever frozen in his dragon slaying position. Its pretty awesome.

So .. since these photos were fairly succesful, I resolve to continue staying off my butt and actually get out of the house and do things. Photography and none photography related!

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