02 September 2009

Up Late, Posting Portraits

Its sad when 0:02 becomes "late" but I have been trying to get more sleep lately as it makes me a happier person.

Ive been working on some informal portraits that I took at a party at my apartment. I only used Light Room, just for a challenge. I didn't know that there were so many features that would help me with portraits. I especially like the Skin Softening brush, which I did not know as there.

First off we have Shota, looking pensive.

Then we have my roommate Nick talking to a friend.

Next we have Andro. I tried to make this one a little weird and creepy.

And finally, the pièce de résistance .. Tamara! I think she looks so pretty, and should totally use this as her profile picture.

Mhmmmm, so that is it for now. I have been having a craving for portraits, so keep your eyes open for some new stuff and possibly some revamped old stuff.

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