06 October 2009

Cinderella Press

I got a call last Wednesday from Georgia Today asking if I could submit a photo for their section called "Photo of the Week". I was so happy to hear this because they hadn't called me in a while. So even though I was sick, I got myself to the computer and starting shuffling through my library. Since I have been spending a lot of my time working on the production of Cinderella, I decided that that would be the perfect subject. I had to send a lot of hurried emails to the director and producer, but I finally got approval. Not only is this good press for me, but it is good press for the show. I would also like to mention that this is my first photo printed in color in the paper.

For more information on Cinderella, visit Tbilisi Panto.
I would also like to mention, that I am being hired by the paper as a photographer for their new website and to be the primary photographer for Photo of the Week. Soooo there should be many more posts coming this way. Yay! Happy happy happy!

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