09 October 2009

Twice in one Week.

The paper was published today! Im pretty happy because I was featured twice. The first one is for a public opinion poll. Those are fun to take, because I take them while the person is being interviewed. I have to be careful to not get them with a funny face. I used to do that all the time, but I think I am doing better now. I also took the picture of the expert.

Secondly, my photo of the week. I love this photo so much. I was on my way to a dinner party when I took this. I set out early so that I could have time to take a picture. And this one just materialized in front of me. It was great. It honestly felt so magical.

Unfortunately they didn't print it in color, and choose the land scape version. I prefer the portrait version. And the color .. oh like I said .. just magical.


Shekina said...

The picture of the fountain is absolutely amazing!

Anthony (Tony) Hanmer said...

Hi Amila,
Just browsed your blog. Way to go, nice work! I also really like the fountain shot - you nailed it, timing is everything in this kind of work.

Doubling the size of the moon in your Tbilisi shot - I would do this by re-shooting the moon zoomed, and adding this to the frame, rather than enlarging the current moon.

I'd love to submit a Photo of the Week to the paper - how is this done...?

Designer Willie said...

yah, the timing was perfect and gives an amazing photo...well done!!! Was it set up or luck of the day... Are the man and girl related??